Tuesday, May 20, 2008

rain and sleep

  oh, rain. in 2006, when i moved to vienna, the simple lack of rain in this city didn't cease to amaze me for a long time. nowadays, i got used to this meteorologically favourable zone. i always liked rain, to a certain degree, and certainly rain in summer; so when it does rain here, most of the time i'm happy about it.

on the other hand, though, i don't use public transportation but go everywhere either on foot or by bike. rain isn't really a problem on the bike, whereas snow can get really uncomfortable, when it isn't too much. today, it rains. and it rained a lot. going home from university in the afternoon, it rained so much i came home quite perfectly and thoroughly soaked - i don't even remember when i've been wet down to the underwear the last time. once you're wet and still in the [heavy] rain, it can even get pleasant, provided the temperatures aren't too low. everytime i stood at a traffic light i enjoyed the water pouring down on me, it had something very free and equanimous, in a good way. when you're moving though, the speed cools your forehead and hands to a degree that can get rather unpleasant.

after i got home, placed my bike on a towel, got out of the layers of soaked clothing [not an easy task sometimes] i curled up under the blanket and faded into a wonderful dreamless sleep of two hours.

now i'm up, i've eaten, am drinking tea and feeling really quite peaceful. when was the last time you got soaked in the rain?


saturninus said...

usually I don't like getting soaked, but then there is a certain degree of soakedness where suddenly it doesn't really count anymore if you care about it or not (I guess it's somewhere around the point of feeling that your underwear is wet too), so it's better not to care and just enjoy that you could equally jump into a swimming pool in your clothes and it wouldn't really make a difference.

as for the last time... I don't really know, but I remember a quite pleasant one in the lovely town of pécs...! ;)

pílong said...

i love it on summer too.
i remember once in the univserity, around june, after a horrible exam i knew i was going to fail. with the sadness and all i just let the rain fall on me, walking very slowly, and it was so pleasant it cheered me up.

i guess it's one of those things we don't do more often because of these often stupid social rules/habits