Monday, October 19, 2009

More Music

A glance into the media section of my homepage (the navigation is on the right-hand side of the blog) reveals that I have just added three new songs, embedded as Youtube videos. These songs are own compositions, fairytale and ostinato being from 2008 and movement & repetition from 2006 and recently re-recorded.

There are actually some more songs among those I did several years ago (when I began making songs) which I am thinking about uploading these days. As with everything released publicly, one is afraid of it being neglected or rejected. Therefore, I’ll ponder a little longer.

Otherwise, I’m busy being back at the university, studying and working. Among my classes this semester is a very interesting one about the Silk Road in Chinese territory (the so called 西域 western regions), another one about the life and works of dge ‘dun chos ‘phel and one about Rahul Sankrityana’s travels to Tibet (reading his travel diaries मेरी जीवन यात्रा).

And now, without further ado, have a listen.