Friday, May 16, 2008

horse dead

do you remember your dreams?

a good way to do so is starting a dream diary, sticking with doing it even when the only thing you write into it is that you have nothing to write into it. you'll see, soon another life of yours will become visible.

i've been on and off writing the diary for more than a year now. it's hard to keep on doing it after some weeks, when you feel you basically remember most of your dreams anyway. so you get lazy again, stop writing them down regularly, and eventually your rate of remembering falls again. but writing just after waking up, early in the morning when i have little time before university anyway is tough.
anyway, last night i had a fascinating dream, in which i had a horse [i don't really know where i got it from]. still living in my flat in vienna, the horse stood in some little room on ground level in another building, being accessible form the street. now forward some time and my cousin [who has a lot of love for horses; maybe i got the horse from her] visited, or rather first i was somewhere with her. she seems to have lived close to some forest where we both rode on horses and talked, when she told me she'd come and visit me in vienna. skip forward and i'm back in vienna, suddenly panicking because i realised i had forgotten my own horse! all dressed up with saddle and gear i left the poor creature in its little room, without food or drink or company. since it was a dream i have no idea how long i left the horse alone, but i knew it might have been too long for it to even survive. oh the horror, of thinking what i did to the poor thing by forgetting it and then the fear of my cousin's looming visit and explaining her why a) the horse is in such a bad condition or b) is dead.
i woke up before i made the walk from my flat to the horse, so i still don't know wether or not it survived. in my prayers, though, all horsies survive being forgotten by idiots.

yesterday i saw some posters for special lectures about freud and his dream analysis at the university, but sadly they where already held last week... i'd have loved to check them out and maybe get some insight as to what horses might stand for in dreams. any ideas?


saturninus said...

oooh the magnificent creatures!
and oh, the meaningful dream! I think horses can be interpreted in a million ways according to the different schools of dream deciphering.
still, I also wish the best for the poor forgotten paci.

giallo said...

analysing dreams is not so simple, it is necessary to make long psychiatric meetings, for a long time, and they have to be interpreted by another person who by these meetings knows you profoundly...

so such a short lecture doesnt get you to understand your dream, but only how dreams can be generally analysed.

Yu said...

thank you wise master, but rest assured, that is neither what i was searching nor hoping. i'm perfectly clear about the things you pointed out, don't worry...

giallo said...

haha ok XD