Sunday, May 18, 2008

germanic languages

  some days ago, sitting on the danube island amidst trees and birds, on quiet grass, i busied myself with tibetan vocabulary. after entertaining the birds and bees with that for some time i took out my hindi book to learn and review some things from the last lesson.

in reading a chapter about future tense and presumptive, one thought of annoyance echoed in my mind: always these indogermanic languages. how refreshingly different and surprising tibetan is, in contrast to the structures of languages belonging to the indogermanic family, for me.

of course, especially working with sanskrit never ceases to be amazing, but i guess the grass is always greener on the other side. what's your favourite language; do you have any?

on another note: i recently discovered [yo-yo ma's work with] the silk road project. a musical diary of travels along the ancient silkroad and the dreams arising from that. truly an inspiration for me, these days.

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saturninus said...

next step: hungarian! it will be a thrilling journey, I promise! :P

for me, norwegian still has a nice clicking touch (grammatikk! leksjon!), even though I am already pleased by schiller's german version of the name of the infant von spanien: don karlos.

apart from that, japanese seems fascinating to me too, not even mentioning some african languages: "csolinn-gama"! :))