Wednesday, May 21, 2008

grand opening

  so, i've progressed far enough with my redesign to enable access to my website again. nothing there is rigidly final, so anything might change, and quite probably will.
you may enter through the front door [clickyclickyclicky] and enjoy some voice, or sneak to the appropriate section via the navigation on the right of this article, though that will exclude the joy of the front door. it's up to you, cherrypies.

together with this, i've added one new image to my gallery: p is for play. that is from a shooting not long ago, and one or two more should follow eventually, just like some pieces in the music section as well as the texts in the words section. right now i'm still pondering about where and how to host my music, youtube doesn't appeal to me that much since it requires video. any of you know a youtube for music, with players that can be embedded?


saturninus said...

hey hüne, the front door link is not working! it is not even a link for me.
but I tricked it because I know where the front door is... :)
and I like it!
congrats for the re-designed site, you are one fancy website-owner süni!

Anonymous said...

"any of you know a youtube for music, with players that can be embedded"

That would be, try it, 25million other users seem to like it