Thursday, March 19, 2009

this spring

(play for moody music while reading)

最近开学,我很忙。 स्कूल शुरु किया और मैँ बहुत व्यस्त हूँ...

i’ve been filled with a strange new feeling, lately. stemming from the developments of my current situation at the university, i’ve come to reflect about the course of my studies and the fact that they might be finished already in the not-so-hazy-anymore future.
all so suddenly, writing my diploma-thesis might be just around the corner. all so suddenly, there seem to be topics waiting for me write it about.

last week, we booked our flights to india for this summer; and it turns out i might already use some of the there doing field research for my diploma. everything suddenly seems to be happening so fast. ideas and possible options suddenly become real possible futures, and that can be frightening at times, can’t it?

when i think about the me that writes his diploma and the me that i am right now, i don’t see those two matching just yet. on the one hand, i feel i still need to spend so much more time studying, just getting better at the things i do and absorbing more knowledge; on the other hand despise the thought of lagging around, being slow, growing tired of the things i do because i do the same thing for too long.

time, time… ah.

it’s bizarre. over the last few days the temperatures gently rose, tempting us all with spring, making us enjoy the first fine air on the institute’s terrace.
yesterday, i picked up my bike from the bike-doc on my way home from university and was happily looking forward to riding to uni again today, instead of being forced to take the bus again. so this morning, i get up and look outside only to find out that it is snowing. i repeat: SNOW. horribly wrong in so many ways.
finally, i took the bus since i’m lazy and felt somewhat sick these days. after arriving at the institute, the snow stopped. later, in the early afternoon, it came back for an hour or so, only to be swiftly followed by bright sunlight and rising temperatures.




saturninus said...

aaaah...eeeh... MOUSTACHE. :[

hey hey, you forgot to report about your apparition! the anCHel! :])

Yu said...

indeed, i did forget to talk about that apparition. mabye later, i will.

weshookhands said...

i think i just realized that the books have a song featuring dali (venice, it is, i think)...

anyhow, i HATE the poopini sisters' version of mr sandman...totally ruined for the sake of filling their album with another superfluous "rearrangement" of an immortal classic. grargh

it's raining here, quite all day and it's even been hailing a bit... so spring seems to be tripping over her feet quite a lot these days. faceplant.