Saturday, March 21, 2009

China’s brutality on video

The website recently posted an article about video footage released by the Tibetan Government in exile documenting the violence that occured after Tibetan protests in the TAR, China, in March 2008.
Please, dedicate 10 minutes right now to reading this article and after doing so, do not leave without watching the video (link at the end of their article, then click on China’s brutality in Tibet exposed).


I do not post about this in order to persuade people to engage, with whatever means, in some a fight for Tibetan independence. Neither is it my goal to spread prejudice and lies about China.
My simple reason for posting this is that I believe objective truths must be spread, with as much force as we can. The China-Tibet debate is long and full of bias, lies and false allegations. But by watching this footage, recorded on the spot, the viewer will be able to catch a rare glimpse behind the curtain of censorship and silence that is veiling this international wound of human rights.

So please, even if you have little time, or little engagement with the issue of Tibet, dedicate these few minutes to reading the article and watching the video; for the sake of the truth being spread.

Thank you.

Just today, a Tibetan monk (Tashi Sangpo, aged 28) from the Amdo Golok Ragya monastery, Qinghai, committed suicide by jumping into the Machu river after security forces claimed to have found political leaflets and a Tibetan national flag in his room.
The monastery has been locked down by Chinese forces since March 10th (50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising) this year, when political leaflets were circulated and a huge Tibetan national flag raised above the monastery’s main prayer hall. Tashi sneaked past the security forces by pretending to go to the toilet; the river is in the direct proximity of the monastery.


Anonymous said...

as always: brutality is not only brutal, it is so stupid. every beat will increase the hate, will prolong even the chinese problems.
as always: in the long run they will loose, but by the cost of how many victims!! so sad...
pitt from essen

weshookhands said...

this is horrible. simply horrible.
i felt kind of relieved when my tears blurred the images and when my screensaver went off.
but that's the point. that the true situation might be as devastatingly disturbing and gruesome as this, but that THIS is also why we cannot look away.
i so utterly hope that this video footage will be proof enough to many doubters or people looking on and walking on and earning on.
i hope that human greed isn't stronger than this. i really do.