Friday, January 1, 2010


新年快乐!Happy new year!

Byebye 2009, hello 2010; once again a fresh full year ahead. Once again, the unique feeling of the first day of the year. Then, getting used to a new number, looking forward to the change of seasons, to things to come, time to pass, another birthday, too. Time will pass quickly, I suppose, as it did last year. Many things might happen, let’s hope many are good. I had a very nice New Year’s Eve, this time.

In school, when I had my Jostein Gaarder period, I ventured to memorise all the sayings of Jose and Ana’s Manifesto (from: Jostein Gaarder – Maya) together with my dear friend Sarah of those days. Despite never making it beyond saying number 28, they have remained at the back of my mind and every now and then I go back and resolve to memorise them again. Now, not long ago, I began translating them into Sablung. And for the beginning of the New Year, here is today’s respective metaphor:

Es gibt eine Welt, der Wahrscheinlichkeit nach grenzt das ans Unmögliche. Es wäre viel begreiflicher, wenn es ganz einfach gar nichts gäbe. Dann könnte sich auch niemand fragen, warum es nichts gibt.

līs it sr', lāsīluṅ ha jhāsilmaim lüyet.
chai thinaṣ sru ṣī zeboprachaī ṣīn
lau naṣ it lhaṣmane tam hā' to'.


Alex said...

Finally found you on blogspot! Hope it's not toooo late to wish you happy new year too!

Yu said...

@Alex: Oh, what a pleasant surprise, thank you! I hope the year has already been good to you!