Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vienna winter impressions

Some impressions from this December, around Vienna with family.  

Trainstation Naschmarkt

My father spent a few days in Vienna at the beginning of December. Arriving by train, leaving by train. Being at train stations, I am always tempted to board a train and be off to some far-away place.

Classes at the university finished almost one week before Christmas, and my sister and father came visiting by car. We spent some nice days enjoying the snow and Christmas mood in the city.

Strolling on Naschmarkt in search for tonka beans, enjoying the magic of the inner city after delicious Kaiserschmarren with friends or freezing to death on the impressive central cemetery.

Sister and Father

Now I’m in Germany, sitting in the living room with the fire crackling nicely next to me and the garden full of snow (though it has rather been in melt-freeze-mode today). Enjoy the holidays!


saturninus said...

One needs an Imperial Fur to stroll the winter streets of Vienna!

enjoy the crackling and the holidays on the Home Base, eeker!

reality_chaser said...

did Yu ever get my postcard? it was some time ago but i always think of you and hope you're doing well. ^_^
much love to you <3

Alex said...

Wow... Wien is quite beautiful! Wished I'm there....