Saturday, January 24, 2009

the [new] smell of gas

over the last few months, vienna seems to have changed the perfume added to it's domestic gas. so it isn't anymore good old sweet [yes, literally] gas smell, but much rather some new rotten flavour smelling like old petroleum lamps. you know what i'm talking about? i hate this new aroma!

and as if that wasn't enough, since a few weeks my toaster has gotten into the habit of emitting the very same smell when it's on. don't ask me where it comes from, but every time i toast bread it smells like there is a gas leak somewhere in my kitchen! hideous!

i want my old gas smell back! now every time i cook and stir, bending over the pot and taking in a deep breath, my lungs are filled with this olfactory insult. ew!


weshookhands said...

maybe there is some other kind of gas (animal farts, for instance) that has been added to you flat, and when it's burned, it leaves that rotten smell. your gas is just fine, i suppose.

Yu said...

animal farts smell absolutely different; any fart, for that matter, smells much different to the new gas smell.
besides, it even comes when i only turn on the oven, without lighting it. so yeah, i'm pretty sure.

saturninus said...

it's julija timosenko's perfume added to the gas trasported via their tubes. that is their compensation for the amount they take out.

Marc said...

Don't they add a bad smell to gas deliberately? Isn't it to make it easier to detect a leak?

Yu said...

yes, that sounds like a reasonable explanation for the strange change. bad perfume, though, bad bad perfume.

yeah of course those who are they add smell to gas deliberately, cause we don't all have little birdies in our flats who'd warn us of a gas leak by dying. but recently, the smell of my cooking gas has changed. from one smell to another. and i don't like the new smell; that's all.