Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009, the first good and the first bad

my first positive emotion of 2009:
the joy of seeing and hearing the beautiful fireworks all around me and all over the city, sending the old year off and away with much blast and noise and welcoming the new with symphonies of colour and light.

my first negative emotion of 2009:
the feeling of my feet, especially my toes, freezing off as i stood and watched the fireworks. sadly, that made me walk home sooner than i wanted, not even half an hour after midnight, while the night was still alight all around me.

how about you, care to share your first good and bad of 2009 with me?


Marc said...

First positive:
Getting to walk around this loch:

First negative:
Having some romantic interest in me by a sorted, intelligent and wonderful person, but finally realising the reason I could never be with someone like them; remembering a horrible experience many years ago that I'd blocked out.

Was in interesting start. Best wishes for your 2009 :)

Yu said...

wow, loch oich looks startling. did you spend more time there?

and yes, we all carry our emotional baggage, and tend to forget the things that limit and shape our actions deep inside. good to confront it, though.

best wishes to you, too!

saturninus said...

first negative:
finding myself at a party where I hardly knew anybody and I didn't even want to get into closer relationship with any of them.

first positive:
hearing the lurve screeching "happy new year" on the phone... :)

Anonymous said...

first thing positive:
witnessing how the lord of change manifests in our christian calender, making people less aware of its constant presence.

first thing negative:
realising(!)how far my closest friend is -despite short distance- and seeing what a dreadful party our come-together was sacrificed for. i'm sorry.

piety, liar shape, 'n' weary tea
latest happ(y/ier) new year

miss chaser said...

i don't know my positives and negatives.

i guess,
first negative: i welcomed the new year with a deadly fever, lying in bed in texas where i hate

first positive: despite my sicknesses, i have nothing terminal.

Yu said...

my sister mused one should really find out the individually perfect thing to do that day and then do it, every year. like going somewhere, or getting absolutely busy with doing something at home.
of course, in a world where we'd have more money, it'd be perfect for the kutti and the süni to travel to some remote place each year. *sigh*

this is the life we lead, this is what has become of it. also: instead of not thinking about it for a year and then ending up in the same confusion, now there is still a whole year to devote thought to it and organise it better than the last time.

@miss chaser:
on the first sight, that is an awful start into a new year. but on the other hand, you can also say you're beginning the year with leaving a bad sickness behind you. that's wonderful!

miss chaser said...

we are on the mend, my yu