Sunday, December 7, 2008


the countdown until christmas[holidays] is getting into the final phase. has there ever been a state without stress? well, it isn't that apocalyptic, but i'm certainly more than ready for holidays.

among the things that happened lately:
. the midterm exams of all three mandarin courses are behind me; and that with very pleasing results.
. a machine to dry the walls of my flat [remember the water story?] has been finally installed after almost two months of slow reaction and forgetfulness from the house management... celebration, though, it is not cause of, since this lovely machine blesses me with a sound almost identical to that of an old industrial vacuum cleaner [yes, those really big, really heavy, really loud ones]. it is so loud that at times i do not hear my mobile ring [my flat consists of basically one big room]. for about two weeks, this has to run basically all day, though i'm graciously allowed to switch it off at night.
. thursday evening some ingredient of the nice asian noodle soup i cooked must've been horribly foul. later the same evening, i was visited by the loveliest [read: most horrible] stomachache. later that night, around 4 am, i finally decided to get at least some of it out again, resulting in several close encounters of my head with the toilet, over the course of the night and morning. saturday morning, though, i wonderfully woke up with almost no stomachache and the paradisiacal feeling of hunger.

in other notes
i've updated the media section [a glance to the top-right part of this blog might enlighten you] a little, adding the transcriptions and translations to my sablung poems, formerly only available on youtube [where none (almost) of you lazy piggies (read: lovely readers) has yet commented...],
plus adding one brand new song!!! yes. check it out. now.


saturninus said...

I think the translations are a good development in the media section.
I think you may become a game music composer. :P

Yu said...

haha, a diploma tibetologist/buddhologist working as a game soundtrack composer for low quality pseudo arabian games... that'd be a world's first, i guess. ;)