Saturday, November 22, 2008


snow, snow! though now that it's stopped snowing the white is already fading fast again. i hope there'll be more over night; only to curse it again monday morning when i have to bike to university...


Marc said...

No snow yet in Edinburgh :/ Still, I'll have plenty of it soon when I go skiing in France!

Looks lovely where you are :)

Yu said...

yeah well, bits of snow are on and off, here. my family tells me of much more snow in germany; and i hear other parts of austria are significantly more white than vienna, too. today, though, the flakes were gently tumbling down again... not lasting long on the ground, though.
skiing in france sounds cool!

Marc said...

I love it when the snow stays on the ground in Edinburgh - turns a beautiful town twice so.

There's a lot of heat in the centre of this city - takes a cold day for any overnight snow to stay on the ground.

I'm kind of looking forward to winter this year - as an Australian it can help remind me how beautiful and different Europe is now I'm living here.

pílong said...

i'm so jealous dear sablunger!