Sunday, March 14, 2010


Our story, you say, is like a beautiful book or movie.

Looking back on all the time we had, all the things we did, all the paths we walked, it shines bright and full of love. And there we sit, you and me together, full of love and despair. We have never walked our path with only mind or heart.

Bird and Fish can fall in love.

And love is always strongest. So strong it spanned our distances, held us together and drove us on. Our love kept us warm in lonely cold and soothed us when we burnt. It would have kept us together for a long time, even after it lost the power to save us from hurt.

But where will they build their nest?

We sailed on dreams and hopes, syncopating alongside each other forming our heavenly symphony of two. We’ve seen the limits of our measure, the range of our chromatic progression through its twin-centred universe. And with all the harmonies that our two melodies spun, we failed to make home in one rhythm and one baseline.

The bird can make a nest on the water.

And now we did the one thing that needs more love than even living love itself. The most terrible pain is that of giving the greatest gift and preserving our symphony not in the future but in the past. Sealed with love and with tears, paid with indescribable pain and leaving us both, alone and together, stranded on a white shore – bruised and healed.

The fish can fly.

Alongside this most terrible pain, the most beautiful thing has survived. Everything is lost, all things are saved. Our melodies run free now, arching through a long reverb and carrying on with the most silent tones and the smallest breath. Uneasy, alone and small, nothing is lost. Our music survives, we survive, change key and the whole world transforms. One line ends and two new ones are born from it.

Here is another hope from me. It is going to be fine.

[quotations in italics: Richard Powers – The Time of our Singing]


saturninus said...

thank you for writing it down more beautifully than I ever could have.

miss chaser said...

something i've felt before and hope i never have to feel again. love to you, with wishes for your strength and happiness and joy to remain always with you <3

isis said...

I got very moved by reading this. How beautifully written, though a sad read as well...
The fish and the bird shared a great love for each other, but would forever need to explore different elements...
Like you I hope all will turn out fine, for both of you...

zs. said...

The end of a good book is always sad. There are people who only mourne the loss but there are others who - though at times are sad - feel happy that they read it. I believe that you belong to the latter group and even after having read many other books (good and bad) you will smile when this particular one comes to mind.

Take care!

ps. You are always welcome to drop by for tea, cake and good laughs.