Monday, April 13, 2009


i’m spending time in paradise.

in the mornings, mostly late mornings, i come down into the kitchen to make tea. while i boil the water and fill the tea filter, i open the rear door to let in the fresh morning air from the garden. usually, i put on music (usually the one cd i compiled and took here, this time); but not this time. this morning, i simply enjoyed the sound of distant bells ringing and ringing, busy with easter. the sound of bells i heard for so many years while i grew up here. their sound soothes me.

soon, i will start thinking about what to eat for lunch. then later, bike to a park with friends… after that, i might think about dinner, or we might cook something together. evenings are long when i’m here.

at times, i study or prepare things; but the semester, university, busy vienna life seems far far away. much rather, i spend time with family and friends here, see relatives i rarely meet these days. waffles seem to dominate my culinary agenda lately. wishing the time here would be longer.

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inkessential said...

Where is 'here' ? where did you grow up?

Paradise is found in appreciating the simplest of things, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch.

Hell is when we are looking for something better than what is just under our own nose, unsatisfied and restless.