Wednesday, February 11, 2009

city in the desert

i have a recurring setting that my mind returns to. a city in a desert; middle eastern, arabian, or persian. the city lies surrounded by a desert mixed with washed out orange coloured cliffs and rocks. itself probably an oasis, palm trees green the city from a distance. a bustling conglomerate of houses, markets, towers (minarets and others), schools and palaces.

there are narrow streets and squares, and everything is toned in orange, yellow and ochre, bleached by the sun and spotted with patches of green.

various images of this, one each time, flash into my mind in the moment of an orgasm. though it doesn't happen every time, it happens often. the more intense the orgasm, the more vivid the flash, it seems.

usually, i view the area from above, floating high in the sky, overlooking the city and gazing into the desert that stretches away until it reaches the sun at the distant horizon. often, i'm floating upside down, as if turning over backwards in an incredibly slow speed. my head already looks back onto the ground while my chest still faces the sun above, and my legs form a perfect semi-circle. arms outstretched to both sides i rest in this position for the few seconds the moment lasts.

my latest view surprised me. it was a view of intricately detailed metal carvings and patterns adorning pillars and arches of a huge building, maybe a scholastic institution. i remember clearly the flashing of bronze and gold, as well as colours of blue and green.

a possible source of this particular setting is the game assassin's creed that i played for the first time more than a year ago, in november of 2007. one of the game's three cities is the bustling metropolis of damascus (dimashq) in the times of the third crusade, and the resemblance between ingame damascus and the images in my mind is high.

but wouldn't that be too flat and boring an explanation? and why, then, is this scenery so extraordinarily persistent in my mind? i should also note that the images didn't appear right after i played the game, but considerably later. besides, they are the first of this sort to bless my inner eye in these moments.


Marc said...

That's quite beautiful.

Yu said...

it is, absolutely! and i guess you can imagine the serenity and vastness of mind in that kind of moment.

Marc said...

As long as it's not interrupted! *grin*

I'd like to see the look on your face, your closed eyes and contented Mona Lisa smile as you explored the city from above.

Yu said...

ah, now that'd be something, wouldn't it? ;) you might find short-lasting pleasure in taking a look at this, though it doesn't fit your nor my description in this case.

Marc said...

Well. Not what I was expecting, but yes, a different short-term pleasure than the one I was going for.

It was more the contented look on your face I was hoping to see, than something more fitting to the "a little death" euphemism.

Re: the city, I'm sure you look just as content when you're simply sleeping. Saturninus? Get me one of those whilst you're shooting ;)

Yu said...

yes i know, rather different. and i guess i have an idea of what you're picturing.

but: i shall guard well my sleeping face. besides, i salivate litres, awfully grind my teeth, and occasionally leave my eyes half-opened, so relaxed content might be located elsewhere. ;)