Thursday, June 19, 2008

twenty two

  11pm is approaching and i feel like wrapping up the day, which started last night with its first minute, greetings from a good friend from germany, and me opening letters. then in the morning, calls from my family and a refined surprise at my door, text messages and comments on my student profile. wishes at the university, classes, tea with a friend and ice with another, later another phonecall and cake at home with two others.
my day turned out quite the right balance between no festivities and some celebration, just the way it is fitting for me these days. a good feeling to know not to be forgotten, to receive lots of mail [real mail] - wonderful things from wonderful people.
my eyes are tired and so is my head, the exams are approaching and i can list enough things i should prepare to not have enough time left. but for now, i shall not think of them and enjoy the closure of this day, go to bed and gently fade to the land of dreams.

have a hug everyone, if you'd like, and some birthdayloving.


Monomorai said...

happy birthday, dear yu!!!
it's strange because i didn't know about this date and just now, today i found something for you and i imagined i give it to you and you were very happy with that:))


saturninus said...

a post-b-day kiss from a certain b-dog! :]